What is GD@IU?

Gamedev@IU is a student-run organization at Indiana University that promotes and facilitates individual development of skills related to all aspects of game development.

With a wide variety of activities, hosted by both the organization as a whole as well as member-led Special Interest Groups, GD@IU aims to provide a platform for students to learn about the medium of games, their creation, and the industry behind them.

In addition to Special Interest Groups, the GD@IU Design/Prototype Lab offers opportunities for experimentation and valuable hands-on experience through workshops and small projects.


In addition to events and activities hosted by Gamedev@IU as a whole, members are able to join a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) focused on particular areas within the field of game development. These groups offer more focused opportunities to learn through workshops and guest discussions, as well as practice skills through a wide variety of individual and collaborative projects.

The inaugural set of SIGs includes Game Design, Visual Arts, Music and Sound Design, and Game Technologies. Beyond this core set, any member is able to propose and lead new SIGs focused on the areas they’re most passionate about.

GD@IU Design/Prototype Lab

The Gamedev@IU Design/Prototype Lab (Proto-Lab, or just the Lab for short) is a space for students of all skill levels to practice their design and development skills through numerous small prototype projects.

With a new prompt every two weeks, the Lab offers invaluable experience coming up with new and innovative design ideas without the overbearing commitment of a full-game project. In addition to an open space to work and collaborate, the Lab’s weekly meetings will feature presentations, tutorials, and discussions focused on a wide variety of design and development skills.


Gamedev@IU hosts a number of events every week, so be sure to check the event calendar to see what's coming up!
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